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Righty oh, let's get this straight from the off. They were better than us. No question. BUT (and it's a great big but) how would they (Man U and their glory hunting, Adidas clad fans) have fared had the referee showed any sort of inclination to be fair? Fall over in a blue shirt, and it was a free-kick. Tackle a blue shirt, and I've seen the Larsson incident again, and it's a card. If there was a foul there, it was against us.


Jones Denayer Kone Oviedo


Rodders Seb Ndong

Defoe Anichebe

It was lovely writing that. two forwards, and we put it about a bit. Having said that, for all the patience we showed, they showed more. We'd kicked off to the south, and had a decent spell that nearly got us somewhere with a couple of shot and a couple of corners, but it was was all too easy for Zlatan to hold off a half-hearted  challenge and turn to fire home with their first shot of the game. That was a bit of a bugger to say the least. A few minutes later Oviedo looked to have been fouled, but nothing was given and he gad to leave the field. Thankfully we had a like for like replacement in Manquillo.

A half time approached, the ref did the daft thing and sent off Seb, and he'll be quire rightly slated on MOTD for that ludicrous decision. Far worse things had happened, and far worse things were yet to happen, that drew nothing more than a free kick.

No changes for the second half, which was a shame, as we could  have done with an extra defender as United got the second almost immediately.  No coming back from that, I'm afraid. Vic tired, Defoe got clattered, they got away with many fouls less obnoxious than the one that saw Seb sent off (appeal, surely), and we gave Borini a run out, to no avail. They snuck a third to keep their fans happy and our fans despondent. We've played worse this season, and they've played better - but they really don't need the help of the ref to win a game. Seb's red will surely be rescinded, for all the good that will do us, and we now have to win virtually all of our remaining games. Just ije the last four or  five years. Nowt changes.

Man of the Match? Probably Ndong. All energy and trying to drive us forward, but Catts had a decent run out as well and Denayer did well against the force of nature that is Ibrahimovic.

Chins up people, and I predict a confrontation in the Bay Hoss tonight. Bloody glory hunters

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